As our District 1 Councilwoman, Mariela Salgado intends to goback to service


We need a council member who is not just part of the community but who will work with the community.

  • Building Community: In 2019, this district’s special election was determined with less than 3,000 votes.  Voter apathy and community engagement has been lost in this District because there is a disconnect between City Hall and community.  We need to support neighborhoods and empower residents to participate in the process of improving our city; civic engagement is critical to a healthy democracy.   
  • Housing & Homelessness: Invest additional resources to community-led priorities that create more stable and resilient households. We have large concentrations of those experiencing homelessness, with a 7% increase in 2020 per our City’s homeless count. Sadly, these figures are expected to rise. By strengthening critical response systems, fostering education connections, and bolstering rapid re-housing opportunities, we can mitigate the impact of homelessness.


Prioritization and implementation of outstanding projects to improve our quality of life.

  • We have the highest serious collisions and fatalities corridors and intersections across our City, yet very little has been done to improve the safety of our neighborhoods. 
  • Projects have gone un-funded for far too long! In the early 2000s, our community initiated the process to create the Drake Chavez Master Plan, yet we still have no end goal in sight. We need to fund this project in a District that is desperately in need of green space and has the highest concentration of pollutants.

Policy & Budgets

Independent leadership and prioritization of policies to support growth.

  • We must examine where our dollars are being spent and how they are benefitting residents as they face day-to-day challenges.  
  • The City’s 2022 Budget of $3 Billion, does not dedicate nearly enough funds for infrastructure maintenance, economic recovery, housing development and our youth.  We need the political will to support or develop new initiatives and track the progress of these programs to address long standing issues.

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