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As our District 1 Councilwoman, Mariela Salgado intends to goback to service


We need a council member who is not just part of the community but who will work with the community.

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Prioritization and implementation of outstanding projects to improve our quality of life.

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Policy & Budgets

Independent leadership and prioritization of policies to support growth.

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We need public servants, not politicians.

We need to get back to basics. A Councilmember who works for you.

In 2019, I ran for Long Beach City Council District 1 because I saw the stark inequities between zip codes. It’s clear to me that District 1 lacks the resources it needs to thrive, and the needs of our residents have fallen by the wayside under City Hall’s hand-picked candidate. Our Councilmember doesn’t respond to or prioritize the needs of residents. Her office has high staff turnover and is absent in the community. We need a leader who will serve the residents of this district.

It's time to stop accepting empty promises and start holding our representatives accountable. District 1 embodies the diversity and opportunity that Long Beach represents. However, we have been underserved for decades. City Hall insiders have used this seat to propel their own political ambitions. They’ve forgotten to serve the public. I have no interest in following that path. I am here to serve.

I know first-hand how City Hall insiders choose a candidate. In 2019, approximately $200,000 was spent to win this Council seat. I raised $20,000 by family, neighbors, small business and individuals who supported my campaign and lost by 163 votes! Our campaign was funded by the people and for the people. The same is true today. Neighborhood leaders want a champion. That’s why they support Mariela Salgado.

I have an independent voice. It’s time to restore public trust in City government.

I am invested in our neighborhoods and in our city. I am a mother, homeowner, small-business owner, City Commissioner, and a community leader ready to do what’s necessary to serve Long Beach.

In Service,

Mariela Salgado

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